Monday, 27 September 2010

METAL UP YR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its actually hard work on tour....yu get very sleepy and if yu dont get yr 14 hours sleep a day it can fuck yu up.
We get to leeds and ditch our show to run along to catch purple rhinestone eagle for the second night running...seriously our new favourite band...but on the way we fuking find STREET MEET!!!!!!
Check the size of that fuker,at least a 25 quid steak....hmmmmmm!
Get to the gig,fucking awesome ...check the t-shirt oot,ride the lightning muther fukers!
I havent been blown away by guitar and drum skills for so long and no joke was fuking majorly blown away by these lassies.
On way back to leeds gig..more fuking street meat...what the actual fuck,look theres three kinds of street meat here.
i was starving,i love raw meat...canny get enough of it working in a organic vegan wholesaler as a vegan chef,i just dont get enough meat....certainly was enuff all round on the streets of leeds.....streeeeeet meeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!
Leeds fuking rules.....thank you leeds for an awesome gig!
Comanechi ..they are starting to get on ma tits a wee bit!
Theres satan in a windae next tae the venue....saaaaaaataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
Cool poster....i love a good fuking poster,so lazy not to do awesome posters,makes people come to gig,makes band happy,makes punters happy to put them on their bedroom walls...make us good posters goddammit!!!!!!!
Back tae gozy our tour drivers house,we stayed in his flatemates room,such a comfy couch i slept on again...but there was a slipper on the floor i couldnae take my eyes off of....surely its time for a new pair of slippers?
Went for more fatty food in the morning,im getting sick of eating three square meals a day.....this is what keex ordered,italian omelette..check the size of this shit!
Its as big as her...that big dude in the backgrounds well eye'ing it up
Keex failed in the omelette eating comp., she would have won another omelette so maybe a guid thing...we put the dregs in a wee bag for andy broontoon as he was still awol from the night before.
Its starting to get tae folk this tour...vickies lost the plot,thinks shes a vampire and is pure tanning daddies special sauce n shitloads of fake blood(ketchup)
Veggie breakfast all round..its like the 'dont' table on gillian mckeef again.
We are making no money on this tour so akiko had to go wash the dishes to pay for our food.
Just incase you didnae know what an espresso was.
in manchester now killing time,vickie fucking loves gazza..we looked at many pictures after we searched on google...GAZZA FUCKED,this was one of them,ekkied oot his nut wi fags in every orifice.
Thirsty leather black glove whisky drinking time.
Massive bowl of pasta.
Nearly empty plate of pasta.
Breaking Colts.....they fuking ruuuuuuuuule!!!!!!!!!
Divorce...fucking shite!!!!!!!!!!
Massive mental crowd..they went nuts , started a mosh pit...fuck yeah!!!!!
Keex collapsed on stage from too much pasta.
She's addicted to pasta now though,pure ate even more after we got her back fae the hospital...canny get enuff.
She has got me hooked,just one more hit of pasta,just the one.
Andys even eating it off the floor...we are fuked,someone send in the pasta addict helpline number.
Went to the bahamas after the gig...hi guys!!!!!!
Vickie havng a cold brewsky on the beach.
Me and keex on our honeymoon ...simon and me got divorced and she has fancied me for a while.....
Andy got put in jail last night for pissing on the street,he got back to where we were staying at ten a.m...we were pretty happy to see him....cost us a 100 quid fine though,better start washing dishes again to get some cash.
Heading to birmingham today...watching cliff em all in the van tae get pyeeeeeeeeer pumped for the show.
We fucking love early metallica.....i actually have all the band members tattood on my back from when i was 8...i love early metallica....metal up yr ass mutherfukers!!!!!!!!!!
Wee taster of whats came outta sabbath,and....em,wait.....naw just black sabbath!!!!!!!!!
Cardiff tomorrow bitches,you better be there!!!!!!!!!

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