Sunday, 27 December 2009


Like we mentioned in our previous post, our guitarist Hillary has her own personal musical project called BLOOD OF THE BULL.
Her music is really melodic, simple but not simplistic, and has a dark, brooding sense of foreboding bubbling just under the surface. To these ears she follows in the lineage of people like Mary Timony/Helium, Lois, The Spinanes and Heavens To Betsy, recalling the early days of the Kill Rock Stars and K record labels. It's great stuff!

The debut Blood Of The Bull ep has just been released on WINNING SPERM PARTY and is available to download for free, so there's no reason to not have a listen! Rory, who plays drums in Blood Of The Bull, also plays in THE BALLAD OF MABLE WONG (alongside Laurie from ULTIMATE THURSH). They've also had their debut ep released on WSP too, so get that too!!
Hillary and Rory are playing tomorrow night at The Captains Rest in Glasgow (also on the bill are our label-mates LOUISE McVEY & CRACKS IN THE CONCRETE, who have just had their debut ep released on OPTIMO MUSIC) - they don't get the chance to play live so often, probably because we swallow up almost all of Hillary's time musically, so those of you who are able, you should make it down to the show!


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