Sunday, 3 January 2010


First off, a HUGE MASSIVE thanks to evereybody who totally LOST THEIR SHIT BIG STYLE for our set at Optimo's hogmanay party, that was totally insane!! The pit was epic, the ceiling was coming down... I can't believe they had to put four big burly security guards between us and the crowd, what a hoot!! So yeah, BIG THANKS, it was amazing!!!
We're not sitting still though, in just over two weeks time we're going to be playing two Scottish shows with our favourite sludge-punk duo COMANECHI!!!!!!!
GLASGOW:: Monday Jan 18th at Captains Rest with HOLY MOUNTAIN (TICKETS)
EDINBURGH:: Tuesday Jan 19th at Sneaky Petes with YOUR LOYAL SUBJECTS (TICKETS)
We fucked London up massively when we played with Comanechi at their album launch last month, we're insanely excited about these shows, they're going to RUIN YOU ALL!!



  1. These flyers are great, Do you have a hq version? i want to get one printed biiiiiiig.

  2. cheers Luke! here's a zip file you can download wit the biggest versions i have: =x=