Sunday 25 August 2013


It's never nice to break crappy news. After some serious discussion we've made the decision to wrap Divorce up. No fights or no fall-outs, we just feel we've done as much as we can and said as much as we feel we are able to say. After 5 years of making the most punishing music we were capable of and having the most fun we possibly could, we wanted to end it before it got boring and/or started sounding pish.

There's a HUGE list of people that we want to thank for helping us last this long and have such a great time doing the band - it's so huge that it'd be kinda tedious to read, but extra-special mention must be given to Michael at Night School Records for releasing our album plus all the other labels that put our tunes out:: Milk / 666ties / Gravy / Winning Sperm Party / Optimo Music / Merok /// Also, big thanks to Kirmes & Grinni at Eine Welt Aus Hack for helping organise so many awesome shows for us. The list of awesome bands & promoters who we've played with & for is too massive to list, but for everyone who has helped us in any way over the years, we're truly grateful.... and of course, everybody who ever came out to see us play or bought one of our records we say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

As a token of our affection and also because we're really lovely and stuff, we've put our final unreleased recordings up our bandcamp page, which can be downloaded FOR FREE (or whatever you want to pay)! We recorded the EP, called 'Seance Fiction', in Glasgow at Devil's Own Studio with our good buddy Ali Walker just after our final tour in April. We hope you enjoy! (We've also got a small amount of t-shirts left in small, medium & large that we've reduced in price to £3. They're available via our bandcamp page too so if you want one get on it quick as there's only a handful left!

And as a reminder of the 'good times' *sniff*, Vickie has put together a lovely video reminiscipackage of our final tour around Europe, including footage of some of the awesome bands we played with like Batalj, Run Dust, Honig, Sightings, Les Morts Vont Bien & Autovogel::::

So YEAH, that's kinda that then! Thanks for showing interest in our gammy wee band, it was a good chuckle - see you later!

D (Vickie, Jennie, VSO & Andy) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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