Friday, 11 November 2011


We're now back in Glasgow and fully re-integrated into polite society after our two week tour of Europe in the company of the majestic STIG NOISE! It was a truly fantastic experience, we had an amazing time, played some astonishing places and made great new friends. HUGE thanks to Kirmes and EINE WELT AUS HACK for their tireless help with organising the shows too, it was like some kind of beautiful fever dream of unbridled yes. Also, huge thanks to everybody who came along to see us in Edinburgh last week with TAKE A WORM FOR A WALK WEEK, nice to see so many smiling people with their fingers in their ears.

We've got one last show coming up this year; Saturday December 3rd at Bloc on Bath Street in Glasgow. It'll be our last Glasgow gig for a good while and it's free so yr excuses are useless.

We'll also have new vinyl surfacing before the year is out too; a split 10" ep with the fucking immense JAILHOUSE FUCK, coming out on SIXSIXSIXTIES RECORDS. More news/pre-order info/etc when there's more to tell.

Talking of vinyl, our "Wet Bandit" 7" is still available to buy from Gravy Records, and the last we heard there were only half a dozen copies of our "Love Attack" 7" left at Night School HQ. It's not getting re-pressed so move yr fucking ass if you've still not got one.

Ladata =x=

Friday, 4 November 2011