Wednesday, 14 September 2011


It was only two months ago when we had our last two singles released, which we presume you've already bought and bought, right? We haven't finished yet, there's more on the way.
We're excited to announce that we'll be releasing a third 7" on our long time friend Andrew's label MiLK, who we previously released our split cassette with Ultimate Thrush a couple of years back (and sold out quick, but you can download the tracks for free from Winning Sperm Party). Anyway, we're super excited about this!!
We're also super excited about our other forthcoming release, a split 10" ep (our THIRD 10"!) on the excellent SixSixSixties Records with the absolutely mindblowing Jailhouse Fuck!!!! Their previous 10" ep on Clan Destine Records is a ferocious, serrated, art-damaged masterpiece which no self-respecting noisepunk fan should be without, so we are seriously humbled to be sharing vinyl-space with them!

A quick reminder that our next Glasgow show will be on Wednesday September 28th at Stereo on Renfield Lane with New York post-punk legends UT and Glasgow's woozy, anti-pop abstracters North American War. Make sure you get a ticket now as it's going to be a damn sweet show!
Oh yeah, and we're away to Europe next month with Stig Noise!! Where? HERE. We're going to be playing a preliminary show with Stig Noise and the brilliant, brutal Dethscalator at The Old Blue Last in London on Thursday October 13th and it's free (info here). So flakey London friends: you have NO EXCUSE.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


The "Music Is The Music Language" festival that we played this past weekend was THE BEST FUN, not just to perform at but to attend. Fantastic atmosphere, excellent performers and faultless organisation by the esteemed Cry Parrot and Tracer Trails. There hasn't been a better weekend of music in Glasgow in a very long time!

We have just had two brand new, previous unreleased tracks released via Deathbomb Arc's digital singles club. For a subscription of $10 (that's not even £7) you will be sent a new download single EVERY WEEK!! Already they're nearly through the whole year (our cat. number is 48), having already released amazing music by Bitches, TEETH!!!, Batwings Catwings, C V L T S and a shit-ton more. Expect a new music overload!! More info & subscription sign-up is HERE!!!!!

OUR NEXT SHOW!! It's going to be a VERY big deal for us. We're extremely honoured to be sharing the stage with New York's legendary no-wave pioneers UT at Stereo on Renfield Lane in Glasgow on Wednesday September 28th. To say they are an influence for us is to do them a disservice, Ut (alongside bands like Teenage Jesus, Swans and DNA) are our personal musical year zero, a band that tore up the rulebook and made fresh, new, ugly/beautiful sounds. This is a truly unmissable show!!! Our friends North American War will also be playing, only adding to the excellence of this gig. BUY TICKETS HERE!