Thursday, 11 March 2010


Today is the day that we know would eventually come but wouldn't admit to ourselves: OPTIMO (ESPACIO) IS GOING TO END
Like they explain, it's been a good run; 12 years, over 600 nights and a list of guest bands and artists who have graced their stage that reads like a who's-who of pioneering, envelope-pushing music from the last 30 years. When Optimo started NOBODY was doing what they did, nobody merged the blood-and-guts visceral thrill of seeing a genuinely intimidating/engrossing/breathtaking live performance within a 100% legitimate club format. It's a template that's been duplicated countless times all over the world, but back then the very thought was anathema.
Even placing it in such simplistic terms does it a disservice. Ultimately what Twitch & Wilkes did was burn the schematics and simply PLEASE THEMSELVES - nothing was out the question, if it floated their boat then it went in. This breath of fresh air was exactly was the club scene needed and their 'anti-agenda' resonated with people not just in Glasgow, or Britain, but worldwide.
From our point of view, we obviously owe them a great debt. Our second ever show was at Optimo, the deal struck after Twitch seeing our debut gig. Our first record was released on their label OPTIMO MUSIC after playing said show. Since then they had us play one their last residences in Edinburgh and (possibly the greatest honour) their final Hogmanay show at the Fruitmarket just three months ago (a true 'take to the grave' gig for us!!)
Their endorsement has been genuine and transparent - nothing more complicated than 'we like you a lot, let's do this', asking nothing more from us than just to be us. This was the criteria Optimo placed on everything it did; it was impulsive, instinctive and totally exciting.
There's only 7 more nights left before the hammer falls. If you live in Glasgow you've got no excuse. If you don't, you STILL have no excuse. Get on a bus, train, plane, thumb a fucking lift, but make sure you make it along to one of the last best nights you'll ever have.

OPTIMO (ESPACIO) :: 1998 - 2010

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